What House Issues Do You Have To Declare To Property Buyers

When you sell your home you are expected to declare certain information about your property.
One way of doing this is through the TA6 form, titled ‘Property Information Form’. This form is the form that your property buyer will use to help determine whether or not they want to buy your house.
It’s essential that you fill this form out accurately and to the best of your knowledge. You must not leave out information that you should declare and equally, you absolutely must not include information that you know to be incorrect.
If you use the TA6 form to mislead your property buyer you could end up in serious trouble with the courts.

What Do I Have to Declare on the TA6 Form When Selling My Home?

The TA6 form might be starting to sound like an intimidating form where you hand over all of the issues of your house, but this isn’t the case at all.
The TA6 is an informative document and within it are a lot of mundane questions.
Most sellers are asked by their solicitor or conveyancer to fill out the form, but it’s not strictly obligatory.
However failing to fill it out could cause delays, reduce your chances of selling and probably stop a fast house sale in its tracks.
Ultimately, refusing to fill out the form will raise some questions for the buyer’s solicitors.
If you go ahead, and fill out the form, as you will likely be advised to, you can expect to answer questions around the following:

  • The house boundaries
  • Disputes and complaints
  • Alterations and planning permission – like conversions or solar panels and more.
  • Guarantees and warranties
  • Insurance details
  • Environmental issues – like flooding
  • Rights and informal arrangements

At the end of the form, you, the seller will be asked to sign and confirm that all details are true and correct.
It’s worth knowing that the TA6 form may bring issues to the surface and you will be expected to raise new-found issues with your solicitor in case it complicates the house sale.

How to Fill out the TA6 Form

When it comes to selling a house, honesty is the best policy.
Remember this, your buyers have solicitors on their side and they’ve seen it all before.
Don’t try and be clever – don’t write vague answers and absolutely do not lie.
If you have been found to lying, you could end up in court. If the house sale goes through and you are later found to have misrepresented the home on the TA6 form you will still be at fault.
It’s not worth it.
For more information, you can read the Misrepresentation Act 1967.

Refusing to Fill out the TA6 Form

As stated before, the TA6 form is not obligatory, but it is expected and it’s been part of house sales for years.
If you refuse to fill it out, you are going to raise a few eyebrows. Not only that but you will, without doubt, delay the process, so you can confidently wave goodbye to any hope of selling your house fast.
If you don’t want to fill out the TA6 form then there must be something you don’t want to declare to your property buyer.
If this is the case, perhaps a traditional sale isn’t for you. If you’re trying to offload a house onto a new buyer because there are significant problems – you need to re-think your selling process or whether you should be selling at all.
The property buyer absolutely has to know the whole truth about the state of their potential new home.

Selling a House to a Fast House Buyer

A home loaded with problems tends to have a longer sales process. There’s more to sort out between solicitors. There’s more to think about and it’s likely that different experts will be called in to assess housing issues.
All of this can be avoided with a fast house buyer. If you’re not willing to deal with the extra work that comes with a problematic home you can guarantee a sale with a cash buyer like us.
Fast house buyers will buy any property regardless of its current state. Of course, you still need to declare housing issues and an expert team member will take a view of the house, but it won’t stop the sale from going through.

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