Selling your house to move abroad

Selling your house to move abroad is an exciting time – it entails a brand new country to live in, a fresh start and it often brings with it new jobs, new schools, new social circles and more.

A lot is about to change, so naturally, there’s a lot to think about too. One particular question hangs over your current assets like your home – what should you do with your property? There are a lot of options!

For those who are itching for an easy and fast getaway to a new life, there’s a fast house sale with a fast property buyer like us. The process is simple and we’ll make it smooth and seamless. We buy any home, no matter what its condition and in some cases we can turn the sale around and put cash in the bank within 7 days.

If a fast house sale is sounding tempting, just give us a call! One of our expert advisors will be happy to discuss your property and they’ll arrange for you to meet a member of our team at the property for a valuation.

Alternatively, read on to see what else you can do with your property.

Sell the home through an estate agent

Of course, you can choose to sell your home through a traditional estate agent. Nowadays there are also online estate agents who have the added benefit of cheaper fees.

That being said, the online estate agent generally asks for the homeowner to do more legwork, so if your mind is full of other things a traditional estate agent might be a better route.

As always with a house sale you’ll want to make sure your home is attractive to potential buyers, so make sure you make time for thorough decluttering and tidying. If you’re selling your house to move abroad you’ll have to face this soon enough anyway!

Unlike fast property buyers, the route to selling through traditional estate agents generally takes longer. A UK average house sale is 2-4 months, but if you want to speed the process up you can gather the documentation needed to sell your house.

Remember that selling through a traditional estate agent is not a guaranteed sale until contracts are signed, so get clued up on house surveys, TA6 forms and what you need to declare.

Rent the home and benefit from another income stream

Renting your home could be beneficial for some homeowners. You save the pressure of selling, in theory, the home will pay for itself and you benefit from another income stream. You get to keep your most valued asset and if needed you’ve always got a home to come back to.

The downside of renting is that there are complications that come with being a landlord. For example, there are rules and regulations that you must adhere to. If you’re moving abroad then you will probably need an estate agent to manage the property when you’re away. This will need to be factored in as a cost.


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