Need to Sell Your House Fast? Follow These Steps to Declutter Your Home for A Fast Sale

If you’re in a hurry to sell your home then you need to focus on decluttering a few key areas. Decluttering will not only increase the likelihood of achieving a speedy sale, it will also help you to get a better price for your house.


We all know that decluttering from time to time is necessary whether you are planning to sell or not. However, it becomes essential when you are planning to sell. This is because you want what is in your house to make the house itself look as appealing as possible to potential buyers.


It is commonly acknowledge by estate agents that a house full of personal belongings is off putting for potential buyers. People want to imagine how the house will look with all of their stuff, not see how it looks with yours. On top of that, a house full of things can make the property seem smaller than it really is and when selling you want to make the property seem spacious and open to interpretation.


Where to Start on Your Decluttering Mission: The Hallway


The best place to begin is with the entrance hallway. This is a crucial part of the house when it comes to finding a buyer because it is the first impression they will have when they enter the property. And first impressions count!


Removing all the clutter from your hallway will make a narrow space seem wider. Start by removing excess coats and shoes from the space. Either pack them away or throw them out.


Second, make sure there aren’t piles of letters and magazines all over the place. Find a good spot for your post elsewhere in the house.


Finally, if you have children or pets, make sure their toys are not cluttering up the hallway. Also, remove dog beds and/or kitty litter from the area (in fact, remove it from the house when you have a potential buyer coming by) as these always look messy and bring with them a ‘special’ smell!


Next Up? The Living Room


Buyers want to know they will be able to relax in the living room. This means it needs to appear cosy and inviting, yet spacious and bright. This affect can be achieved by removing excess furniture, such as that extra chair that is only used when guests turn up.


It is particularly important to remove personal items from the living room. Those wedding photos have got to go, along with the pictures of the kids building sand castles on the beach. Photos make a space feel cluttered and the personal, sentimental value they hold is not interesting or relevant to potential buyers.

Moving On: The Bedroom


The bedroom can be one of the most difficult rooms to declutter, especially if you are chronically messy person. But it is essential that bedrooms are clean and free of clutter when a buyer comes to visit.


Start by clearing out cupboards, desk draws, and your wardrobe. You can be certain that any fixtures will be explored by potential buyers. They will not want to open a cupboard door to find it packed with all the clutter you scooped up off the floor and jammed in there earlier. Buyers will want to see how much space they are buying and that includes cupboard space.


If you have a lot of clothes, consider boxing some up to make space in your wardrobe. A few things hanging is fine but you don’t want to give the impression that your wardrobe is bursting at the seams, it makes it appear small.


Time to Pay Attention: The Kitchen


Kitchens often play a big role in people’s decision to buy a home. This means you should make an extra effort to ensure clutter is kept to a minimum in this space.


Remove from the work surfaces as many appliances as you can. Put them away in the cupboards and only take them out while you are using them. You want the kitchen to appear as spacious as possible with plenty of room to cook.


Again, remove personal items from the space: fridge magnets, photos, kids drawings, all of it. Put it in a box and don’t take it out again until your house is sold.


Finally: The Garage


Yes, it’s a big job but it’s absolutely necessary. You must clear out the garage. You will have to do it at some point before moving out so it might as well be now. Potential buyers will want to see the space and they won’t want to be visually bombarded by the sight of all the things you’ve been hoarding in there.


All the things you need to keep should be kept in neat and well-organised storage boxes where possible. This will give the impression of a useful, functional space rather than a dumping ground.


Time to Start Decluttering


Now that you know how, it’s time to start decluttering your house for a quick and easy sale. The more effort you make the easier selling your house fast will be.


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