Check These Tenancies If You’re Thinking of Moving Someone in to Your Home

There are a number of reasons why you want to live with someone. Perhaps you are taking your new relationship to the next stage. In some cases, having a roommate can mean you save on bills and have company throughout the day. Whatever the reason is, you may be thinking that it is easy to move someone into your home.

But, you have to be aware of the different types of tenancies that are available first. It is not just as simple as someone packing up all of their things and moving in. Here are some tenancies that your landlord might present you with.

Joint Tenancies

First of all, there is a joint tenancy agreement. This means that everyone that is going to be living in that house or apartment signs one tenancy agreement. In other words, both of you will have the same rights as each other. Most importantly, you are both responsible for the property, including paying the rent. There can also be other terms to a joint tenancy agreement that you will have to read before you sign.

Know that with a joint tenancy, you are both responsible if something goes wrong too. For instance, say that you pay you your share of the rent one month but your friend does not. You are going to be just as responsible for paying this to your landlord.

Separate Tenancies

Next, it is possible to have separate tenancy agreements for a property with your loved one or a roommate. Just as the name suggests, you both will have your own separate tenancy agreement with the landlord. You will sign this separately. The rights you have are going to be your own and while they may be the same as the other person, they will only apply to you. In other words, you have separate rights and responsibilities.

Take the example of your roommate not paying rent for one month. With a separate tenancy agreement, this is not your responsibility. You are only in charge of meeting the agreements you signed in your tenancy agreement. You have no obligation to pay your friend or roommate’s rent.

A Licence Through a Tenancy

The last option is your loved one having a licence. This can sometimes happen if you have a tenancy agreement with the landlord. Through this method, you are actually responsible to the person who is the tenant. For example, a friend makes a deal with you concerning the rent, it will be up to them to fulfil their responsibilities to you. It is going to be separate from the agreement you have with the landlord.

It is important to look into your own tenancy agreement first. In some contracts, it is stated that another person cannot live with you unless with the landlord’s permission. This is something that you want to check beforehand to ensure that you are not breaking any of the rules of your contract.


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