Cheapest Places to Buy a House in the UK

Are you a property buyer that is on a budget and looking to downsize? Perhaps you are simply trying to get more for your money and need more space due to lockdowns and being at home all the time. Either way, you may be looking for the cheapest places in the UK to buy a house. Let’s take a look at some spots that statistics show offer more affordable properties in the country..


Let’s start off our list of the cheapest places to buy in the UK with Shildon. This is a town located in County Durham and it is officially the most affordable town you will find in the country. This is going to allow you to buy a home that suits your needs. But, you do not have to worry about being in the middle of nowhere. Shildon is only 13 miles away from Durham. So, you have a major city near to you for all of your needs. On average, you will pay around £59,468 for a home here.

Cleator Moor

Next up, we have Cleator Moor. This is the second-most affordable place to live in England. It is a town in the county of Cumbria, which is near to the Lake District. So, you will have a lot of beauty on your doorstep. This will be ideal for anyone that is adventurous and likes outdoor living. The average property in Cleator Moor is going to cost around £96,269.


Another cheap place to live is Kilbirnie. This is a small town up in Scotland, found in the Garnock Valley area of North Ayrshire. There are over 7,000 residents that live in this Scottish town and you are around 20 miles away from Glasgow. Again, properties here are more affordable than other parts of the country. You can expect around $76,303 for a property here in the UK.


Moving over to East Ayrshire and you are going to reach a town called Cumnock. This Scottish spot makes the list for the most affordable place to live in the UK. It has a small population of nearly 9,000 people and it is around 29 miles from Glasgow. The average house price you can expect is £122,408.


If you are interested in living in a small market town, we recommend Egremont. This is a cheap place to purchase a home and it is in Cumbria, England. This is another great place to live for anyone that likes to explore the outdoors. You are going to be living just outside the Lake District National Park. It was originally a mining community and a lot of people visit for the monthly market here. The average price of a property in Egremont is £115,971.

While property prices can fluctuate all the time, property buyers can have a lot of luck in these top five towns when it comes to cheaper houses. Just make sure you do your research and find an ideal spot that is going to suit your family.


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