Should I Move My Debts to My Mortgage?

There are many things to think about before you consider moving your debts and increasing your mortgage, as although it may seem like the easy option to fix your problems, it can cause more issues for you in the future.

Puts you home at risk

Moving debts to your mortgage may seem like the cheapest solution, but in doing so you put your house at risk. Your mortgage is secured by the lender and therefore if you are unable to pay then they have the right to take your home, adding more to that debt will ultimately be more expensive in the long run. This is why the interest rates on mortgages are lower as they have this collateral to ensure they get their money either way if you don’t pay.

You must consider how long this new mortgage will be and that there may be legal fees to pay with your remortgage, so whether in fact it would be worth it for you or would just make you worse off.

Is moving to a credit card a better option?

If you are talking about a considerable amount of cash then remortgaging might be the best option but you need to work this out. Will moving your debts to your mortgage be cheaper than moving them to a new credit card or loan?

If you have a good enough credit history then there are balance transfer deals that may be a good route for you, this lets you move the debts you have to a new card at a cheaper rate than remortgaging. If you are able to pay these back relatively quickly then this will reduce the overall cost even more so than a mortgage.

It is also worth checking your current credit cards as to whether you are at your limit on each card, if not then you could utilise this and spread your debts.


Consider a loan? This would keep your debt unsecured rather than if you were to move it to a secured mortgage loan and doesn’t risk your home. If you are looking for new finance then consider taking out a personal loan, check the current rates as it could possibly be a better option than remortgaging or getting a second-charge mortgage.

Keep up with Repayments

If you do move your debts to your mortgage then make sure you are in the position to be able to keep up with the repayments, in some circumstances doing this will save you some cash however you should consider all the options beforehand. Although it may seem like the best option by reducing your monthly payments it just means you will be paying a lot more back long-term.


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