The N244 Explained

What is the N244 Form? 

The N244 County Court Form is the application you should fill out if you disagree with a County Court Judgement being made against you, this is a court order to repay a debt. The N244 could cancel this order, however it does come with a £255 fee so if there is not a reasonable circumstance as to why it should be cancelled then you may be even more out of pocket.

Why do I need an N244?

If you are at risk of getting evicted or your home repossessed, this form is so that you are able to have an emergency hearing with a district judge before your eviction is supposed to take place. Filling this out will also suspend the repossession until you get your day in court. The N244 application can be used by the judge to cancel your repossession order, but this is only if you fill out and give all the evidence needed in your defense.

What to include

First of all, you will need evidence alongside this form of how you are planning to clear your debts, what you are going to do and how. This may be evidence in the form of a letter from your employer stating how you will be earning extra wages, a tenancy agreement if you have a lodger moving into your home, if you are dealing with a health issue, evidence of that. Or if you are planning to sell your home to a cash house buying property company (like Zoom) then you will need to take some evidence along, a sale letter, proof of funds or an exchange in contracts.

In the form you should also show any evidence if your lender has not followed the ‘pre-action protocol’ rules, meaning that they should have treated you fairly and discussed your financial situation how and why it has changed and given you a reasonable timeframe to pay off your debts. They should have explored all options before taking you to court for the repossession of your home.

The more evidence you submit the better, this will be the main document used by the judge in court to make the decision regarding your case.

N11M Form

This form may be slightly more complicated than the N244 but just, may be more important. The N11M may be given alongside the N244 application if the circumstances of your eviction are down to late mortgage payments. This form will help you give your side of the story and why the lender shouldn’t repossess your home.

You will only have 14 days to fill out this form and it may be worth seeking some legal advice when filling out this application and you must ensure you are truthful on the form as it will be fact-checked. If the court sees that some of the facts provided aren’t true then this will end up worse for you.

This gives you a chance to tell the court whether you think the amount the lender says you owe is false, whether the initial agreement was fair to you, or whether you want the agreement to change ‘a time order’ this is if you are experiencing unexpected circumstances such as illness or bereavement. This form is also where you give all of your financial records for the courts to hopefully use in your favour. As long as you are truthful in this form and give all the right evidence needed, there is a good chance that you will be able to keep your home.

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