How to Sell my House Quickly for a Good Price

Time can be desirable when it comes to selling a house; it presents sellers with an opportunity to be a little more selective about when they sell their house and importantly, how much for. However, people often want to sell a house quickly and for a good price. It may be because you’re in a chain and you’re desperate to move into your dream home or maybe your house is a financial burden, and you just need to sell it fast.

Whatever your reasons, here are some key things to consider when selling your home.

Your current mortgage

 Are you still in your mortgage term? If so then it’s important to check what fees you’ll have to pay in order to move. If it isn’t a portable mortgage then you may be liable to charges, this can be from 1-5% of the remaining mortgage debt and this can make moving more expensive.

The property market

Decide whether or not it’s a good time to sell, look at the current property market both local and national, considering the current economy and even what season. Traditionally Spring and Autumn are the best times to sell as the market tends to be busier with potential buyers, the weather is better and there are no major holidays. Also look at what’s happening in your local area, new developments, new schools, new transport can all be helpful selling points to mention to potential buyers to get your house sold quicker.

Find a good Estate Agent

 If you’re using an estate agent to sell your home then it is very important that you pick a good one! Selling a house quickly takes knowledge of the local area and ideally very good negotiating skills. A traditional high street estate agent may be the best option as they know the local area and have likely sold a lot more homes in your local market than online agents.

You must consider the cost of an estate agent, always ask what their fees are, their commission rate and what type of contract they offer. It is also important to ask about their experience, have they sold properties similar to yours, how will they market your property and will they carry out the viewings of your house.

 Accurate Pricing

 This is very important when selling your home, if priced too high then it will take longer to sell and have little interest, too low and people may assume there is some underlying issue with the property. It is worth getting in contact with several estate agents to get a valuation of your home, they won’t charge for this and it will give you an idea of what asking price you should set, it has to appeal to buyers in the current market so it’s worth getting a few to compare.

 Clean up the Property

Tidy up the exterior of the property, this is the first thing buyers will see so it is important to ensure it looks tidy, clean the windows, mow the lawn make sure the driveway and entrance are clean. Doing this will give you the best chance of selling your home quickly.

Sorting out the interior by decluttering and tidying can make your home more sellable, take your personal items out such as family pictures etc. This will help the buyer be able to picture themselves living there rather than feeling like they’re in someone else’s space. Giving your home a fresh coat of paint with a neutral white will make the rooms feel lighter, airy and bigger, it will also help buyers to see how they would change the space to suit them.

Marketing your House

 This is important, good marketing is key to selling your home quickly. Look at the photographs of your property, are they showcasing the key features of the house in the best way? Ensure the photos make your home look inviting and spacious, if you’re using an estate agent don’t be afraid to tell them if you’re not happy with the photos.

Where to advertise your house? Put a for sale sign outside your home so that locals know it is on the market, word and mouth is sometimes key when selling a property. Make sure it is on all major property sites such as RightMove, Zoopla as well as your estate agents website.

 Cash Home Buying Company like Zoom!

 Last but not least use a cash home buying company like Zoom Property, we are able to provide you readily with cash for your house, guaranteeing a fast sale! The offers will be 75-80% of market value and by using Zoom you may be able to sell your home within a week, with no estate agent or solicitor fees, no banks or mortgages. You could receive the money within 28 days.

We aim to make selling your house quick, simple and pain-free. By using our own cash facility, this allows us to offer the best prices in the industry!

If you would like to find out more about our fast cash house buying service, give our team a call on 0333 880 4362!


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