How Much Are Conveyancing Fees? Average Costs, Factors & Considerations

How Much Are Conveyancing Fees? Average Costs, Factors & Considerations

When you’re navigating the UK property market, one of the essential costs to factor in is conveyancing. 

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, understanding the average cost of conveyancing in the UK can help you budget effectively and avoid any unexpected surprises. 

In this article, we’ll break down the average conveyancing costs, the factors that influence these costs, and key considerations to keep in mind.

What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring ownership of a property from one person to another. It involves a series of administrative tasks and legal checks to ensure that the buyer obtains a good and marketable title to the property.

Average Cost of Conveyancing in the UK

The average cost of conveyancing can vary based on several factors. On average, you can expect to pay between £800 to £1,500, including VAT. This range can be broken down into:

Solicitor’s fees

This is what the solicitor or conveyancer will charge for their professional services. It typically ranges from £500 to £1,000. 


These are the additional costs that your solicitor will incur on your behalf, such as search fees, land registry fees, and bank transfer fees. They typically range from £300 to £500.

Factors Influencing Conveyancing Costs

Several factors can influence the average conveyancing costs:

Property Value

More expensive properties might attract higher fees due to the increased complexity and potential risks involved.


Properties in certain areas might require specific local searches, which can add to the cost.

Type of Property

Leasehold properties can be more complex than freehold ones, leading to higher fees.

Additional Services

If you require additional legal services, such as drafting a deed of trust, this will increase the cost.

Key Considerations

When budgeting for conveyancing, keep the following in mind:

Get Multiple Quotes

Don’t settle for the first quote you receive. Shop around to ensure you’re getting a fair price.

Check for Hidden Fees

Some solicitors might have additional charges that aren’t included in the initial quote. Always ask for a detailed breakdown.

Experience Matters

Opt for a solicitor or conveyancer with experience in the UK property market, especially if your transaction has unique aspects.

Making Sense of Conveyancing Costs

Understanding the average cost of conveyancing is crucial when planning a property transaction in the UK. By being informed and considering the factors mentioned above, you can ensure a smooth process without any financial hiccups. Remember, while cost is essential, the expertise and reliability of your conveyancer are paramount. Choose wisely!


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