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Selling a House in Plymouth

Proudly referred to as Britain’s Ocean City, Plymouth is situated on the south Devon coast and is the second-largest city in the South West after Bristol. With a booming population of over 250,000, this attractive waterfront city is an exciting place to live, work and invest.

Now is a great time to think about selling a house in Plymouth. Demand is high both from homeowners and investors, and with the local council ready and willing to invest millions of pounds on development projects, Plymouth’s future looks increasingly bright.

If you’re on the fence about selling your house in Plymouth because you’re not sure it will generate interest, here are four reasons why now is a great time to sell.

Selling A House In Plymouth

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We buy houses in every part of Plymouth, this includes

Barne Barton
King’s Tamerton
Marsh Mills
Morice Town
Mutley Plain
North Prospect, or “Swilly”
St Budeaux
St Judes
Tamerton Foliot
West Hoe
Weston Mill

Is Now The Right Time To Sell In Plymouth

People Want to Live and Work in Plymouth

Britain’s Ocean City offers a high-quality lifestyle compared to other locations in the UK, and that’s why many people are choosing to settle and make a life there.

The local government is pumping millions of pounds into innovative redevelopment projects, signalling a commitment to ongoing regeneration and improvement in the city. Plymouth already enjoys a promising employment rate of 73.4%, but redevelopment promises the creation of more jobs alongside exciting economic progression.

With over 270 businesses operating in the marine sector, Plymouth accounts for almost 10% of the UK-wide marine industry and is considered a centre of excellence for marine technology. Another large employer is the British Navy, with HM Naval Base Devonport supporting 400 local businesses and providing 10% of the city’s income.

There are numerous opportunities for leisure in Plymouth, many of which are the result of its stunning coastal location and proximity to Dartmoor National Park. Keen outdoors enthusiasts can don their walking boots and explore miles of coastline and countryside, and for those who are interested in watersports, Plymouth is the ideal place to live.

Professionals and businesses can enjoy fantastic connectivity in Plymouth. The city has a level of broadband coverage that is superior even to Bristol. What’s more, and perhaps somewhat surprisingly considering Plymouth’s southwestern setting, the city actually enjoys very good transport links. Exeter International Airport is less than one hour’s drive away and Plymouth Railway Station is served by multiple inter-city and local services.

Plymouth is a Popular City to Visit

Plymouth is simply steeped in history and has a dynamic range of interesting cultural attractions and events to appeal to all kinds of visitors. The city can expect to receive over 5 million visitors annually, so it’s no surprise the tourism sector employs over 7,500 people in Plymouth and accounts for around 7% of the economy.

The Mayflower

Plymouth is the site from which the famous Mayflower set sail from the UK in 1620 before making the treacherous Atlantic voyage to America. Those interested in learning more and walking in the pilgrim’s footsteps can head down to the Mayflower Steps, a dedicated memorial to the voyagers.

The Mayflower story garners a lot of interest, both locally and from further afield. In 2020-2021, the city will celebrate the 400 year anniversary of when the ship set sail with a jam-packed calendar of events and commemorative activities. This is likely to bring lots of investment to Plymouth and boost tourism.

Cultural attractions

There are several significant areas of interest in Plymouth, one of which is the Barbican. The Barbican area is a popular spot amongst tourists and residents alike, with over 200 listed buildings, countless bars, restaurants, the famous Plymouth Gin Distillery and the National Marine Aquarium.

Plymouth Hoe is another popular area for visitors who want to take in some stunning coastal views. This is where you can find Smeaton’s Tower lighthouse and – for when the weather is pleasant – Tinside Lido.


Besides its world-class sailing events, Plymouth also hosts several widely renowned and popular annual events, including the British Fireworks Championships. Other notable events on the calendar include Plymouth Seafood Festival and Pirates Weekend Plymouth.

Rental Property in Plymouth is in High Demand

The rental property market in Plymouth is already flourishing, but planned future developmental projects promise an even stronger economy and better job security – great news for landlords looking for high-quality tenants. This also means that more people and businesses will look to relocate to Plymouth, increasing the already high demand for rental property.

Another reason why demand for rental property in Plymouth is so high is the large population of students. The city has two universities – one being the highly-regarded Plymouth University – in addition to three excellent colleges. If you are selling a house in Plymouth, what’s for sure is that it may be an attractive investment opportunity for an investor looking to profit from the student rental market.

Significant Investment and Redevelopment

Plymouth City Council are planning to spend £186.3 million on city-wide improvements over the coming years. This is a generous sum, and signals some exciting redevelopment projects that will make Plymouth a more attractive place to live, work and invest.

The council’s broad range of redevelopment plans include making general improvements to the transport network and roads, developing a cycle network and developing Plymouth Railway Station. These changes will increase quality of life in the city and improve Plymouth’s links to the rest of the UK.

Some areas of the city are set to benefit from extensive redevelopment over the coming years, including the city centre, the West End and Millbay. Through a series of ambitious projects, the council hopes to attract businesses to the city, create homes, strengthen industry and generate more jobs.

All this redevelopment and investment signals a period of economic growth and increased prosperity in the city, and this means that now is a great time to consider selling a house in Plymouth.

Selling a House in Plymouth Fast

Plymouth is an attractive place to live, work and invest, and the city looks set to improve even more in the coming years. If you are selling a house in Plymouth, but you want to sell it fast, contact the team at Zoom Property Buyer for an offer.

Give us a call on 0333 880 436 or make an enquiry by completing our online form. A member of our team will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss buying your house in Plymouth and arrange a meeting to go through the details.

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Why Use Zoom Property Buyer?

We understand the stress and hassle caused by selling a home through an estate agency. That’s why our aim is to make the house selling process as simple and pain-free as possible.

Our expert in-house staff have 50 years of combined industry experience. As such, they’re well versed in all aspects of property from surveys to solicitors fees.

We use our own cash facility meaning we do not rely on banks or mortgages to complete the purchase of a property. This allows us to offer the best prices in our industry and facilitate fast sales.

Estate Agent Costs vs Our Services

Sales Process

Market Value
Offer Accepted 
Survey Negotiation
Estate Agent Fees
Solicitor Fees
Mortgage Payments
Monthly Bills
Property Clean
Final Price

Zoom Property Buyer

7 Days


Estate Agents

6-9 Months


Zoom PropertyEstate Agents
 7 Days6-9 Months
Market Value£150,000£150,000
Offer Accepted £120,000£142,500
Survey Negotiation£120,000£140,000
Estate Agent Fees£120,000£136,640
Solicitor Fees£120,000£134,690
Mortgage Payments£120,000£128,440
Monthly Bills£120,000£124,840
Property Clean£120,000£123,840
Final Price£120,000£123,840

* Figures shown above are based on a typically advertised property price of £150,000 and located in an area with average or above market conditions; including legal work and searches showing no issues in relation to the property.

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