Sell My House Fast in Nottingham

We’ll buy any home in Nottingham with a Zoom!

Need to sell your house in Nottingham fast?

Here at Zoom we’re here to help. We buy any house in Nottingham no matter the condition that the property is in. 

There are always reasons that you would need to sell your property quickly and thats where property buying companies like ourselves come in. We’re usually seen as an alternative to using an auction house. With us there’s no risk, you know exactly how much you’re going to get and you don’t have any of the problems dealing with estate agents. 

Whether the reason your selling is something like:

A new job
A change of personal circumstances like a divorce
Inheriting a property
Or even simply that the the house is hard to sell

It makes no difference to us, we simply want to buy your house. Also we buy any commercial property in Nottingham too. 

Selling A House In Nottingham

We’ll buy and sell any house in!

It doesn’t matter why, we will be here to buy it.

Whether it’s vermin, fire, water or any other sort of property damage we’ll be able to make you cash offer. 

We are cash property buyers and don’t rely on banks which allows us to be speedy and complete the sale faster than anyone else. 

We buy houses in every part of Nottingham, this includes

The Arboretum
Bestwood Estate
Bestwood Park
Bulwell Hall Estate
Creative Quarter
Forest Fields
Highbury Vale
Highfields Park
Hyson Green
Lace Market
Leen Valley
Lenton Abbey
The Meadows
Nottingham city centre
Old Basford
The Park Estate
Rise Park
Sherwood Rise
Snape Wood
St Ann’s
Top Valley

Is Now The Right Time To Sell In Nottingham

Nottingham was top of the UK’s property market in June 2020 in terms of growth, this makes it very easy to sell to investors like us. That’s exactly the type of thing we look for as we don’t have a time frame in which we need to sell. 

Nottingham itself has a rich history and culture, although most of this is typically drowned out by the legend of Robin Hood, Sherwood and the Sheriff. 

With the size of it’s Metropolitan area (the area of Nottingham combined with Derby) comes in 7th in the UK showcasing the regions strong economy. 

Sell a house in Nottingham

With the growth that we’ve already mentioned creating a promising future for the area investors are lining up to buy into the market. 

The average price of new property on the market coming in at £320,000 there’s plenty of options for sellers on either side of this average. 

Transport links

Not only is Nottingham well connected with Derby, it’s metropolitan other half, but it’s less than a 2 hour train to the capital which makes it perfectly situated for businesses that operate nationally due to it’s geographic positioning being relatively central in the country. 

How It Works

3 Steps to a hassle free house sale with Zoom Property Buyer.

Step 1

Tell us about your property

Step 2

Receive your offer in as little as 60 minutes

Step 3

We buy your house in as little as 7 days

Over 50 years experience buying houses fast!

Why Use Zoom Property Buyer?

We understand the stress and hassle caused by selling a home through an estate agency. That’s why our aim is to make the house selling process as simple and pain-free as possible.

Our expert in-house staff have 50 years of combined industry experience. As such, they’re well versed in all aspects of property from surveys to solicitors fees.

We use our own cash facility meaning we do not rely on banks or mortgages to complete the purchase of a property. This allows us to offer the best prices in our industry and facilitate fast sales.

Estate Agent Costs vs Our Services

Sales Process

Market Value
Offer Accepted 
Survey Negotiation
Estate Agent Fees
Solicitor Fees
Mortgage Payments
Monthly Bills
Property Clean
Final Price

Zoom Property Buyer

7 Days


Estate Agents

6-9 Months


Zoom PropertyEstate Agents
 7 Days6-9 Months
Market Value£150,000£150,000
Offer Accepted £120,000£142,500
Survey Negotiation£120,000£140,000
Estate Agent Fees£120,000£136,640
Solicitor Fees£120,000£134,690
Mortgage Payments£120,000£128,440
Monthly Bills£120,000£124,840
Property Clean£120,000£123,840
Final Price£120,000£123,840

* Figures shown above are based on a typically advertised property price of £150,000 and located in an area with average or above market conditions; including legal work and searches showing no issues in relation to the property.

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