Slow Broadband Could Put Off House Buyers: How to Boost Broadband Speeds

If you’re trying to sell your property but you have slow internet speed, it could put buyers off and delay your sale. There are steps you can take to check, and if necessary, boost your broadband speed, and we’ll be giving you all of our great tips in this article.

Could Slow Broadband Make Your House Harder to Sell?

It might surprise you that in 2019, the UK only ranked 34th out of 209 countries for internet speed. In part, this is due to there still being many rural areas around the UK where there is poor internet connection, and even in some of the larger cities, connectivity levels drop when there are many people trying to access the internet at once.

We’ve all experienced slow internet, with multiple pages stuck with a blank screen, endlessly watching the loading icon go round and round. Yes it’s far from ideal and can cause a lot of frustration, but can slow broadband really put off house buyers?

A study conducted in 2019 revealed that slow broadband could knock up to 24% off the value of a property. That’s almost a quarter of what your house is worth! These results show just how important internet speed is for property buyers, but why is that?

We are relying on the internet more and more to live our lives and get things done. From banking and shopping to learning and entertainment, we are living in a digital age. What’s more, the 2020 pandemic has meant that more people are working from home. Now more than ever, slow broadband could negatively impact a person’s ability to live and earn money.

How to Check Your Broadband Speed

If you would like to sell your house but you are concerned about broadband speed, it’s very easy to check the quality of your internet connection.

uSwitch offers a free and easy-to-use online broadband speed test. The only information you need to provide is your postcode and current broadband provider.

Boost Your Broadband Speed

If you have been putting up with poor broadband connection and you fear it could delay your sale, taking steps to boost your broadband is a great idea.

Here are some simple tips that could help you boost your broadband:

  • Install a wireless booster – although these don’t actually improve your internet speed, they can help to achieve a more reliable connection throughout the house.
  • Disconnect WIFI on inactive devices – remembering to do this isn’t always easy, but turning off the WIFI on inactive devices can really boost your broadband speed.
  • Ensure your router is in an optimum location – place it in a central position, preferably high up with nothing boxing it in, like ornaments, curtains or photo frames. Remember, WIFI signals travel best through open spaces so never put your router in a cupboard or small enclosed room.
  • Talk to your internet provider – if your broadband speed is slower than expected, talk to your provider to ensure there are no technical problems.

Struggling to Sell? Choose Zoom Property Buyer!

If you have tried to boost your broadband but it’s still frustratingly slow, there is a chance it could hurt your sale and put potential buyers off. If you want to sell your house fast, contacting a fast property buyer like Zoom could be a good solution for you.  A fast house sale will save you weeks and months on the property market and you could also save money on fees.

Our team at Zoom Property Buyer are happy to buy any property, even if it only offers slow broadband speeds. Give us a call on 0333 880 4362 or complete our online enquiry form today to kickstart your fast house sale.


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