How to Sell Your House Privately on Rightmove

Selling your house privately has become a lot easier in recent years given the rise in online estate agents and selling portals it has also become a more popular way of selling property in the UK. It is a good way of saving thousands of pounds on extra fees that a high street agent would charge.

Rightmove itself is the largest online property portal in the UK and easily the most popular and quickest way to look for property. To sell on Rightmove you will need to be with a high street or online estate agent, if you are going with an online agent check that they are approved by Rightmove beforehand.

Online Estate Agent


There are some online estate agencies that purely charge you a flat fee to post your property on Rightmove and other sites such as Zoopla, this may be cheaper than the traditional high street estate agent fees. However, this can still be expensive depending on where you are in the UK and will not provide you any insight into house sales in your local area as a high street agent would.

If you want to sell your house privately, finding one of these specific online estate agents is your best bet, sites like Rightmove and Zoopla are where most high street agents get most of their leads from so you can do the same and avoid extra expense. This would mean you would handle all the enquiries yourself and would be the ones to tour the property with prospective buyers.

Why use Rightmove privately?

  • You will save a huge amount of money
  • Righmove is the most popular way of finding property in the modern day so you’re bound to drum up buyers quickly.
  • You will get to handle the enquiries yourself and when the viewings are!
  • It’s an efficient way of selling your property

What do I need to sell on Rightmove?

Before you are able to advertise your property on Rightmove you will need;

  • An Energy Performance Certificate – This is essential, they will not allow you to list your property without one, make sure you get a certified assessor to do this!
  • A Solicitor – get your own, online agents will offer theirs but they will often overcharge you, you need a conveyancing solicitor to sort all the paperwork for selling your property.
  • Professional Photography – good photos are a must for selling online this is what will sell your property

Social Media

If you don’t want to go with an online agent but still want to sell your house privately then a good place to start is to put it up on Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree, these sites will allow you to market your property for free. You can then ask your friends and family to share your post to generate more interest and so that more people will see it. There are also several pages within Facebook where you can post your property, for instance buying and selling pages in your area would be a good place to start. Doing this will generate some interest in your community and get the word out that your property is on the market. Twitter and Instagram can also be a useful tool when selling your property privately, getting it out on all platforms online will generate more interest.

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