5 Things That Reduce Your House Property Value

Selling a property fast can be challenging enough without the added pressure of simple little mistakes that could reduce your house property value.

Although some things that impact house property value cannot be controlled by the property owner, there’s plenty that can! And by knowing the things that reduce house property value you can help inform property buyers of all things that make your property great or compensate for the less desirable.

So, here are 10 things that reduce your house property value, and where possible, what you can do to solve them.

Things that reduce your house property value, but can be fixed

Mess outside the house

If a potential buyer drives past your house and finds the overall aesthetic undesirable you can almost guarantee that they won’t be paying you a visit anytime soon.

A messy exterior is completely in the control of the property buyer and fixing this issue could take a non-existent sale to a fast house sale!

If you’re selling a home now is to be a good neighbour – pick up litter and tidy your home – and the surrounding areas! Keep the exterior as clean as you can because a messy exterior will put property buyers off. It’s easy to put right and failure to do so could result in property buyers attempting to knock down your asking price.

Home issues and repairs

For property sellers now is not the time to refit the kitchen or take on major repairs, but you should repair what you can. Many property buyers are looking for a place they can call home. Those who are looking for a house-project that needs repairs will want to see the cost of repairs reflected in the cost of the house.

Things that reduce your house property value, but can’t be fixed easily

Problematic neighbours

For property sellers this can be a tough problem to have. You are expected to declare any significant, historic conflicts with neighbours in the TA6 form; a document for when you sell.

Some property buyers will factor this in when they’re making their next house sale.

Problematic neighbours is not always something that you can fix easily, but where possible resolve disputes amicably and make peace.

High crime levels

Unfortunately, this one is totally out of your hands. Your potential property buyer will have access to crime rates in your properties via the Office for National Statistics. Don’t deny it, be honest about how it is and remember your property still has a lot to offer!

Houses in higher crime areas may be more difficult to sell and less likely to go through as a fast house sale, but it’s not the be-all and end-all. Control what you can and you may still be able to achieve a fast house sale.

Ofsted ratings for schools

Rightmove had the right idea when they added a ‘school checker’ to each property listed on their website. Their school checker shares access to admissions criteria and academic inspection reports with potential property buyers. The idea is that it will help property buyers find the right home that suits the needs of their children.

Rightmove’s property expert reports that finding a property next to the right school is one of the most important factors for home hunters.  Many house hunters will make sacrifices in order to get their children into the right school.

This could be good news for properties situated next to outstanding schools, but with other problems that reduce house property value.

Are you struggling to sell your house fast due to things that reduce your house’s property value?

For the property owner who wants to sell their house fast things that reduce property value can be incredibly infuriating.

They’re impossible to avoid and have to be declared to property buyers.

The first thing to do is read through some of the things that you can actively fix and action them quickly. Take stock of your current situation – what’s the rush? If you can afford to hold on and can tolerate the average sell time of 2-4 months, then do.

Remember as soon as you want to sell your house fast you can through a fast house buyer.

We are fast house buyers and we will buy any property regardless of its condition. What’s more, is that we can organise the sales process and get cash to you within 7 days, so if a fast house sale is on top of your priority we can make it happen.

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Selling a house fast could not be easier!


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